A film by Ning Hao

2004, 35mm, 102 minutes, In Mongolian w/English Subtitles

When young Bilike finds an ordinary ping pong ball, he and his friends take to flights of imaginative whimsy and embark on a journey to find the source of the mysterious unknown object. Bilike's old grandmother says the ball is a glowing pearl sent by the gods, but the boys are skeptical after it fails the test. Since none of their other family members are able to offer any more insight, the three boys trek to the faraway monastery to consult the wise lamas. But even the grasslands' most knowledgeable inhabitants are stumped. When a television show finally reveals that the object is the "national ball of China," the determined young scouts set off to return the ping-pong ball to the Chinese capital, where an even bigger adventure and more amusing trouble await them.


“Feast your eyes on this 'Tom Sawyer' of the steppes . . . A visually splendid celebration of childhood!” - BOSTON HERALD

“A nice change of pace from the noise and cynicism of so many American films aimed at underage audiences. Recalls Laura Ingalls Wilder-- the kind of film that should rightly be seen by children, not just adventurous adults!"

“Like the best films about children, it puts the camera right among them and sees the world of adults through their eyes." - NEWARK STAR-LEDGER

“Funny, beautiful and majestic . . . Full of offbeat delights!" - CHICAGO TRIBUNE


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