In May 2004, First Run Features and Human Rights Watch launched a collaboration to bring films dealing with human rights issues to a wider audience. The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival division annually endorses selected First Run titles that shed light on human rights abuses throughout the world.

First Run Features and Human Rights Watch have long shared a philosophy that film has a unique ability to engage, inform and make a difference. For 25 years, First Run Features has brought films dealing with political, social and humanitarian issues to a wide and diverse audience. Similarly, since the inception of its International Film Festival in 1988, Human Rights Watch has embraced the power of film to influence public opinion and international policy.



Since its inception in 1978, Human Rights Watch has become a real force in the human rights movement. HRW is widely recognized for its in-depth investigations, informed policy recommendations, and ability to generate intense pressure to confront human rights abusers and defend basic freedoms. Through vigilant monitoring and advocacy in over seventy countries, HRW is dedicated to advancing the protection and promotion of human rights for all.


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