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Praise for Abdullah Oguz's BLISS

Critic’s Pick! “A panoramic allegory of Turkish national identity, beautifully acted … this consistently gripping, visually intoxicating film stands as a landmark of contemporary Turkish cinema.” - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Critics Pick! “Gripping, supremely engaging.” - New York Magazine

"Daring, Powerful, Breathtaking! Mesmerizing to watch." - Los Angeles Times

“Oguz’s narrative is just as crystalline as the Aegean Sea he opulently photographs…
Bliss is wonderful storytelling through and through.” - Justin Strout, Orlando Weekly

"Strikingly lensed, accessible, surprisingly moving … shades of Knife in the Water."
- Derek Elley, Variety

"A positively blissful experience, a must-see ... both a mainstream film and arthouse fare."
-Harvey Karten, Compuserve

“Oguz has skillfully created an intense view of the conflict between tradition and emotion … compelling, satisfying.” - Ed Scheid, Boxoffice Magazine

GRADE: A! “Fresh as the Turkish breeze …Bliss is one of the best films to sail into theaters in the last two years.” - John DeSando, WCBE’s It’s Movie Time

"A film of beauty, challenge, emotion, tradition, and truth; and every image in the film is gorgeous. The film is among the most impressive I have ever seen: it is moving, its memory lingers." - Daniel Garrett, Offscreen