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Praise for Andrew Jacobs' FOUR SEASONS LODGE

"Must-see." - Rafer Guzman, Newsday

"Surprising, joyous ... inspirational in unexpected ways." -Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Gorgeously photographed... What is heroic [about] these rowdy, cantankerous survivors is their unquenchable appetite for the pleasures of the everyday...the awesome spectacle of life triumphing over annihilation." - Ella Taylor, The New York Times

"Life affirming and touching… pitch-perfect film provides an affectionate look at a brave, disappearing subculture." -Lou Lumenick, New York Post

"The funniest Holocaust-themed doc yet made…warmly entertaining, beautiful."
- Aaron Hillis, Time Out New York

"Surprising, graceful." - Michelle Orange, Village Voice

CRITICS' PICK! "Like a funny visit with your grandparents, multiplied by a dozen."
Tim Murphy, New York Magazine

! "Spectacular cinéma vérité documentary… the feel of such classic Maysles brothers’ works as Salesman and Grey Gardens… an extraordinary accomplishment, a subtle yet unforgettable experience that is one of the best films of the decade."
- This Week in New York

"Neil Simon should only write such dialogue!...these survivors are feisty, lively and spoiling for a fight." - George Robinson, The Jewish Week

"Surprisingly upbeat docu debut…resonate(s) powerfully." - Ronny Schieb, Variety

"Film poetry akin to Michael Apted's ongoing Up series… an image-rich mosaic of group psychology that surprisingly illuminates the ineffable." - Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant Magazine

 "Captures the simultaneously timeless and fleeting quality of a memorable summer, juxtaposing a well-paced narrative and a compelling, unscripted storyline with tender, intimate moments in the subjects' lives" - Sol Israel, The Boston Globe

"Packs more wisdom than the best therapy session." - Christian Toto, Washington Times

"Lands in a class of its own ... cosmically inspiring." - IndieWIRE

"A bittersweet, life-affirming documentary." - Jewish News Weekly

"Tickling funny bones: this community of elderly Catskill visitors never drown in misery, but instead live out their days with fervor." - Matthew Nestel, Boxoffice Magazine

"Quietly powerful!" - The Oregonian

"There's more laughter than sorrow in Andrew Jacobs's inspiring documentary about people who would rather look forward than backward." -Rick Warner,

"A heartwarming, poignant, and surprisingly funny film." - East Hampton Press

"Exquisite!" -, International Documentary Association 

"A full-bore cinematic feast!" - Michael Atkinson, Boston Phoenix

"The power of friendship and the drive to find joy despite painful memories is explored in the emotional film." -Westchester Journal News

! - Kam Williams, Newsblaze

"Simply heartwarming." - Hartford Courant