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Praise for Crayton Robey's MAKING THE BOYS

"Impassioned, absorbing, illuminating and engrossing. Essential viewing!"
-David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

CRITIC'S PICK! "Captivating and entertaining...sometimes you don't have to go very far into the past to be amazed at how drastically things have changed. 'Making the Boys' is fascinating recent history and a fascinating personal story as well."
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"A fascinating slice of contemporary history. Entertaining and enlightening."
- Marshall Fine, The Huffington Post

"A surprisingly sprightly and multifaceted documentary." - Kyle Smith, New York Post

CRITIC'S PICK! "Fascinating." - Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

"Absorbing . . paints a vivid portrait." - Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

 "Impressive!" - Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

"Crayton Robey has created a superbly crafted artifact, rich in theater, film and gay history." - Penelope Andrew, The Huffington Post

"Even folks who aren’t die-hard Band fans should see it… this portrait turns a work of art into a sociological flash point." - David Fear, Time-Out New York

"A remarkably evenhanded history… Making the Boys makes the grade… a genuine milestone." - Armond White, New York Press

"Riveting… offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the play and film…
Here's betting that many will be enjoying Making the Boys for decades to come."

- Les Spindle, Backstage

"A MUST-SEE. Its use of fascinating archival footage (including home movies of Roddy McDowell's Malibu beach parties with Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, Judy Garland, Sal Mineo, and just about anyone else who was a star of that era), footage of early GLBT rights leaders, old interviews with cast members, and much, much more makes it a must-see. I can't recommend it highly enough." -Brent Hartinger, AfterElton.com

"Extraordinary!" - Amy R. Handler, Moving Pictures Network

"Thoughtful…show us how powerful non-fiction filmmaking can be…essential viewing."
- Matthew Hays, Montreal Mirror

"Worthy of appreciation for tackling a still vital topic in our society." - Cassady Dixon, Cinespect

"Part Hollywood gossip-fest, part gay history primer, Making the Boys is an entertaining documentary that makes a good case for the significance of The Boys in the Band. Crowley is charmingly self-deprecating, full of stories about Malibu parties and backstage dramas that are as surprising as they are captivating." -David Warner, Creative Loafing

"Crayton Robey offers an insiders' look at how Mart Crowley's drama became a groundbreaking event in both theater and cinema." -Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

"Illuminating and empowering . . .fascinating and moving. Robey has given Crowley and his play its due." - Gary M. Kramer, Gay City News

"It's no small blessing Crayton Robey has stepped up to the plate to produce and direct Making the Boys." - Harry Haun, Playbill

"Crayton Robey has assembled an all-star cast of playwrights, historians, actors…
The Boys in the Band
lives on."
- Steve Warren, Pittsburgh’s OUT Online

"Engrossing, insightful!" - Susan Granger, Arizona Reporter

"A fascinating, balanced look… Making the Boys presents important cultural history in a very entertaining manner." - Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post

"A scrupulously researched, highly absorbing and worthwhile documentary."
- David Noh, Film Journal

"Thoroughly documents a vital piece of our history." - The Advocate

"A must-see!" - Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

"Wonderful!" - The Weekender

"A bracing cocktail of cultural, creative and personal histories." – Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post