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Praise for Jacques Sarasin's ON THE RUMBA RIVER

“You don’t have to be a fan of African tunes to appreciate Jacques Sarasin's heartfelt ode to Congolese music and its resilient practitioners. Focusing primarily on Antoine Kolosoy, known as Wendo, the region's brightest and most enduring star, this alternately poignant and playful documentary views his achievements from a context of political oppression and economic deprivation...a shocking counterpoint to the effervescence of the music.”
- Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Cleverly and seamlessly blend(s) various styles of documaking… Sarasin appears to be a filmmaker who knows when he's captured lightning in a bottle, and wisely lets Wendo's group play their magic… superb.” - Variety

“Sarasin has an extraordinarily light touch -- a good thing for those who want to sit back and enjoy the music.” - Julia Wallace, Village Voice

“Buoyant and soulful.” - Hank Shteamer, Time Out New York

“Vibrant and moving!” - LA Weekly

"Rich with the colors and sounds of the Democratic Republic of Congo, documentarian Jacques Sarain¹s film makes for a lovely afternoon for armchair tourists…it¹s lovely to watch…we are left wanting to hear more.” - Amy Nicholson, Box Office

“Remarkable stories, stunning images.” - Noel Murray, Onion AV Club

“Director Jacques Sarasin could have kept the film focused solely on Wendo's life as a musician in traditional character-study fashion, but instead fascinatingly reveals his place in the world as a celebrity amid social chaos… entrancing.” - Rob Humanick, Slant Magazine

“Gorgeous! An eye-opening view into the spirit of the Congolese people, and a beautiful and warm-hearted portrait of a singer who seems at times the beating heart of a country.”
- Film Journal International

“Brilliantly uses the theme of the river to conjure up memories …As Wendo’s music soothed the Congolese, song flooded through my soul to ease the sadness of witnessing the pain of Africa’s suffering.” - Misani, Amsterdam News

“The Congolese counterpart of 'Buena Vista Social Club'!”
- Louis Proyect, The Unrepentant Marxist