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Praise for Bill Stone's TRIUMPH OF THE WALL

"A documentary unlike any you'll come across this year! Provocative and oddly touching…in an era when seemingly every documentary is tied to a hot-button issue, making one about a guy building a wall is endearing." - Zachary Wigon, The Village Voice

"Beautiful and slyly profound." - Dan Persons, The Huffington Post

"'What happens when you commit to something?' It’s a question you might find yourself asking, having hunkered down to watch Stone’s film. If you have the patience, there is payoff.... Traditional narrative structure is tossed out the window as Stone embraces the unknown, and unknowing, surrendering to a project that may or may not be about anything at all." -T'cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette

" Usually when someone tells you a movie, or anything for that matter, doubles as a 'metaphor for life,' it’s a cue to roll your eyes. Here’s an exception, a low-key film with emotional heft." - Pete Croatto, Icon Magazine

"Triumph of the Wall balances meditative depth alongside a sardonic awareness of the futility of the entire project…Triumph of the Wall is endearing and surprisingly engaging."
- Leila Marshy, Rover

"In its content as much as its subject, 'Triumph of the Wall' is truly original, very much unlike any other documentary." - Malcolm Fraser, Cult Mtl