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The Clearstream Affair
A film by Vincent Garenq

102 minutes, fiction/thriller, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2014

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In this ripped-from-the-headlines French thriller, journalist Denis Robert (Point Blank's Gilles Lellouche) sets the world of finance ablaze when he exposes a major European bank's opaque operations. In his search for the truth, he uncovers a dark political financial machine of bribes and threats.

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"A fascinating story of false bank accounts and alleged international money laundering which pitted two of France's best-known politicians against each other." - French Cinema Review

"The Clearstream Affair' teases out not only the intricacies of an ongoing scandal lasting much of last decade, but the extraordinary human toll on journalist Denis Robert." - Variety

"Vincent Garenq's ripped-from-the-headlines saga is based on the real exploits of Denis Robert - an investigative journalist who spent years tracking the illicit activities of the Luxembourg-based Clearstream bank, uncovering ties with leading French companies and government officials. The film provides a comprehensive overview of an incident that made local headlines throughout the last decade." - The Hollywood Reporter

"The covert world of multinational money dealings is convoluted, but filmmaker Vincent Garenq manages to keep the proceedings comprehensible despite numerous players—whistle-blowers, bankers, judges, et al.—involved in a hush-hush scandal that even implicates future French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Here the term financial thriller is no ­oxymoron." - Library Journal

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