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A film by Sheila McLaughlin and Lynne Tillman

75 minutes, fiction, b/w, 1975
DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

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Now digitally restored, Committed is the story of actress and leftist iconoclast Frances Farmer. In 1935, Farmer became an overnight Hollywood sensation; within ten years she was in a state mental hospital.

Highly stylized and moodily provocative, Committed offers a multi-layered look at this culturally defiant woman, going beyond the personal to explore the political and social attitudes of the time.

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"Superlatively shot in expressionist black-and-white, 'Committed' has the mean, moody look of the threadbare dream sequence from a low budget noir. In its mixture of female introspection and tabloid Americana, it's the unexpected missing link between 'Meshes of the Afternoon' and 'Shock Corridor." - The Village Voice

"A stringent, stylish low-budget noir, beautifully shot by the German avant-garde filmmaker Heinz Emigholz." - The New York Times

"An original and stylish movie, austere and bitter." - Time Out London

"Packs a wallop." - The Independent (UK)

"Committed is not a comprehensive biography of Frances Farmer, and isn’t meant to be. It’s rather a stark look at a certain time in our culture. And it’s interesting that this film originally came out in 1984, during those horrible Reagan years when once again we were taught to fear and hate the communists." - Pop Culture Beast

"Unlike the more famous Jessica Lange biopic, this focuses on the many familial, political, and cultural issues facing women of America during the 40's-60's, presenting them in a personal, dreamy black & white production." - Video TapeWorm

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