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Divide in Concord
A film by Kris Kaczor

82 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

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Jean Hill, a fiery octogenarian, is deeply concerned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - the world's largest landfill. She spends her golden years attending city council meetings and cold-calling residents. Since 2010, she's spearheaded a grassroots campaign to ban the sale of single-serve plastic bottles in her hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. So far, her attempts to pass a municipal bylaw have failed. As she prepares for one last Town Meeting, Jean faces the strongest opposition yet-from skeptical residents, local merchants and the International Bottled Water Association. But her fiercest challenge comes from Adriana Cohen, mother, model and celebrity publicist-turned-pundit, who insists the bill is an attack on freedom.

When Adriana thrusts Jean's crusade into the national spotlight, it's silverhaired senior versus silver-tongued pro. In the same town that incited the American Revolution and inspired Thoreau's environmental movement, can one little old lady make history? A tense nail-biter of a vote will decide. (Angie Driscoll)

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"A fascinating, entertaining look at how persistence and citizen action still means something in a corporate-controlled society." - Michael Moore

"The stuff great films are made of. Thanks to Jean Hill I also saw what real courage looks like." - The Huffington Post

"Endearing, impassioned and provocative...thoroughly engaging." - Film in Words

"The perfect subject for a documentary." - Nonfics

Disc Features

●  Interviews
●  Deleted Scenes

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