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Seat 20D: Suse Lowenstein's Dark Elegy
A documentary by Jill Campbell

70 minutes, color, 2020

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Suse Lowenstein lost her son Alex in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. In an effort to come to terms with her grief, Suse turned to her art. She began to sculpt herself naked, frozen in the position she fell into upon hearing the news of her sonís death. Creating the sculpture brought her solace, and when Suse posted about her project in the Pan Am Victimsí Family Newsletter, inviting others to participate, 75 women responded.

Suse spent fifteen years completing the monumental sculpture she titled "Dark Elegy," a memorial to the victims of the brutal attack that altered American history. In her new documentary Seat 20D, director Jill Campbell explores how art cradled a mother's soul and touches all who view it.

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"Moving and powerful. Filmmaker Jill Campbell explores how art can give tangible context to our grief and how it can help those left behind. It also gives us a glimpse into how we view grief and the grieving in our culture." - Darcy Staniforth, Cinema Sentries

"Seat 20D provides an eloquent and stirring depiction not only of the work and its creator, but a landscape of those whose lives have been affected by the art." - Sandra Bertrand, Highbrow Magazine


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