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Agnes and His Brothers

A Film by Oskar Roehler

2004, 35mm, 115 minutes, In German w/English Subtitles


Agnes and his brothers have little in common, except an eccentric old father, relationship problems that are totally screwing up their lives, and a distinct possibility those two things are connected. When Hans-Jörg’s sex addict meetings don't seem to be stopping his incessant masturbation and awkwardness with women, he conceals his sexual frustration behind his meek librarian appearance. Older brother Werner is hard at work on his own mask. Much more successful at political combat than family diplomacy, he spends time bickering with bored wife Signe to fan the only heat left in his marriage. His rocky relationship is aggravated by his smartass, pot-cultivating teenage son who makes his upper-class suburban nightmare complete. And Agnes, haunted by the mother she never knew, and perhaps too nostalgic about her past as a man, can't quite fit into the mold of the little homemaker expected by her bossy boyfriend.

Director Oskar Roehler (THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES) has created a profoundly human family drama: a story full of passion, poetry and humor about three brothers searching for love and acceptance. At the same time, it is a fascinating snapshot of the current state of affairs in Germany and an outrageous story of how everyday desires for sex, love and understanding can end up pushing people closer and closer to the edge. Featuring a top-notch cast including Moritz Bleibtreu (THE EXPERIMENT, RUN LOLA RUN), Herbert Knaup (DISTANT LIGHTS), Katja Riemann (THE WOMEN OF ROSENSTRASSE) and, as Agnes, stunning new talent Martin Weiss.


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