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Agnes and His Brothers
A film by Oskar Roehler

115 minutes, fiction, color, German w/ English subtitles, 2004
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Agnes and his brothers have little in common except an eccentric father, relationship problems that are totally screwing up their lives, and a distinct possibility those two things are connected.

Sex addict /meek librarian Hans-Jörg can't stop peeping on comely women. Werner, a successful politician, watches powerlessly as his bored wife and smartass son destroy their family. And Agnes, a transsexual, can't quite fit into the mold of happy homemaker expected by her bossy boyfriend.

An outrageous story of how everyday desires for sex, love and understanding can end up pushing people closer and closer to the edge.

Starring Moritz Bleibtreu from Munich and Run Lola Run.


"A teutonic version of ‘American Beauty!’" - Variety

"A must-see! Sex humor, existential darkness, buffoonish satire and profound tenderness in almost classic proportions." - Salon

"Critic’s Pick! Extremely well acted and touching." - New York Magazine

"Fierce energy and affecting emotion." - New York Newsday

"Quirky and daring. Irreverent originality!" - Gay City News


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Salon.com named Agnes and His Brothers the second best film of 2006! Read more.

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