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Praise for Lutz Hachmeister's THREE STARS

"The dishes dazzle in 'Three Stars,' a cinematic helping of some of the world’s finest restaurants — and of their chefs’ opinions. Most tantalizing, amid tastes of culinary philosophy, are their perceptions of the Michelin Guides’ influence. Serious foodies will chow down." -Andy Webster, The New York Times

"Three Stars documents nine restaurants in seven countries, all of which boast three stars in the Michelin Guide, and examines what that rating means to diners and how it influences chefs and owners in the evolution of their businesses. Do you become more adventurous? Or maintain the status quo for which you were cited in the guide?  The film captures the thin membrane separating the theatricality with which patrons are treated in the dining rooms from the chaos, noise, and impressive culinary heroics in the kitchens."
-Chris Packham, Village Voice

"Most captivating!" -Mike Sula, Chicago Reader

"Another welcome addition to the smorgasbord of approaches to documenting the endlessly fascinating process of how food is prepared!" -Ray Pride, New City (Chicago)