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Three Stars
A film by Lutz Hachmeister

94 minutes, color, 2010
English, German, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Spanish & French w/English subtitles

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Focusing on ten world-class chefs, Three Stars depicts the everyday drama of life in gourmet restaurants and includes exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes access to these multi-talented culinary artisans as they explore new creations in their gastronomic laboratories, hunt for exquisite ingredients in local markets, and gather rare edible plants along rough coastlines.

By highlighting not only their culinary philosophies but also their daily kitchen routines, the film reveals the business of cooking on the highest level. It also opens a window into what goes into the world's most important restaurant review book – the iconic red Michelin Guide.

Featuring chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten, René Redzepi, Yannick Alléno, Nadia Santini, Olivier Roellinger, Sergio Herman, Sven Elverfeld, Hideki Ishikawa, Juan Mari & Elena Arzak.


"The dishes dazzle in this cinematic helping of some of the world’s finest restaurants. Most tantalizing...serious foodies will chow down!" - The New York Times

"Three Stars examines what the Michelin rating means to diners and how it influences chefs and owners in the evolution of their businesses. Do you become more adventurous? Or maintain the status quo? The film captures the thin membrane separating the theatricality with which patrons are treated in the dining rooms from the chaos, noise, and impressive culinary heroics in the kitchens." - The Village Voice

"A sensual pleasure." - The Onion

"Most captivating!" - Chicago Reader

"A welcome addition to the endlessly fascinating process of how food is prepared!"
-New City (Chicago)


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