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Praise for Alan Govenar's YOU DON'T NEED FEET TO DANCE

"The story is sweet and inspiring. Conde is upfront and unafraid. Shirtless in his apartment, he reveals his powerful arms and shoulders as he moves about in the morning, accomplishing everything he needs to do entirely unaided. It's spectacular, but only because, despite his paralysis, Conde manages to live so normally. More compelling still is his love of music and dance, his drive to disseminate the sounds of West Africa, and the grin that spreads across his face as he does what he loves."- Diana Clarke, The Village Voice

"This portrait of an indomitable figure overcoming his handicap proves deeply inspirational...packs a powerful punch. Conde (has an) endlessly charismatic personality, indomitable spirit and sheer infectious joyousness." - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"He may be the only paraplegic in New York City living in a fifth-floor walk-up apartment. Before Sidiki’s paralysis, he had not been musical. He got where he is today by the same force of will that powers him up five flights of stairs—he practiced constantly, at one point learned to play rhythms with rocks tied to his hands and wrists, and performed for several hours a day without stopping. As the music producer Roger Greenawalt put it, Sidiki’s “life force is considerable.”  Anne Masten, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, calls this surprising resilience “ordinary magic.” If Sidiki’s story is exceptional, the amazing thing is that it’s not entirely out of the realm of what humans are capable at their best."
-Gary Marcus, The New Yorker

"Alan Govenar‘s You Don’t Need Feet to Dance is a vibrant and deeply human portrait of a survivor at all costs that will often have you dropping your jaw in awe, and wonder that you ever complained about any comparatively little problem in your own life." - Film Journal

"Inspiring and surprising. This is a man for whom nearly everything seems both doubly strenuous and yet, given his positive attitude, somehow uplifting."
- James van Maanen, TrustMovies

"In You Don’t Need Feet to Dance, we see not only how Conde has transformed the lives of disabled artists throughout New York City, but also how he navigates this vast urban jungle daily with poise and confidence."
- Jason Buchanan, Rovi

"It is amazing to watch Sidiki navigate the world…[You Don’t Need Feet To Dance] gives us the opportunity to consider what makes for a full life." - Darrel Manson, Hollywood Jesus

"Sidiki Conde, is possibly the very definition of determination and resilience."
- Dan Persons, Huffington Post Mighty Movie Podcast

"His Arms Raise Up Him and His Audience." - The New York Times

"Go SEE IT!  As an experience, You Don't Need Feet is beautiful, the music is extraordinary, and the dance is fabulous. The narrative is not linear; it's meditative and accordingly slow.  Indeed, our ninety minute nonchalant journey across Mr. Conde's past and into his present is deceptively easy.  But that doesn't make it a simple film." - Wheelchair Dancer