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You Don't Need Feet to Dance
A film by Alan Govenar

81 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2012
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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An astonishing documentary about a man who overcomes his disability one day at a time, Alan Govenar's new film reveals the extraordinary life of African immigrant Sidiki Conde.

Sidiki lost the use of his legs to polio at age fourteen. Today, he balances his career as a performing artist with the almost insurmountable obstacles of day-to-day life in New York City. From his fifth-floor walk-up apartment, he traverses down the stairs on his hands and then navigates in his wheelchair through the sidewalks of Manhattan onto buses and into the subway.

Despite his disability, he manages to teach workshops for disabled kids, busk on the street, rehearse with his band, bicycle with his hands, and attend a naming ceremony, where he plays djembe drums, sings, and dances on his hands...proving to all You Don't Need Feet to Dance.

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"His Arms Raise Up Him and His Audience!" - The New York Times

"Spectacular! The story is sweet and inspiring." - The Village Voice

"A vibrant and deeply human portrait that will often have you dropping your jaw in awe."
- Film Journal

"Conde has an endlessly charismatic personality, indomitable spirit and sheer infectious joyousness." - The Hollywood Reporter

"If Sidiki's story is exceptional, the amazing thing is that it's not entirely out of the realm of what humans are capable at their best."- The New Yorker


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Disc Features

●  Extended & Deleted Scenes
●  Portrait Gallery
●  5.1 Surround Sound Option

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