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Guilty Until Proven Guilty
A documentary by Harry Moses

52 minutes, color, 2018

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Guilty Until Proven Guilty tells the story of Tim Conerly, a young African-American male who was arrested for armed robbery in New Orleans. After more than two years in jail, Conerly must choose between pleading guilty and serving five more years for a crime he insists he did not commit, or risking up to 198 years in prison if he is convicted at trial.

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"A moving, powerful film that pays close attention to a part of America that society has chosen to neglect." - USHER

"Guilty Until Proven Guilty exposes the inequities faced every day by poor black citizens charged with crimes. This film should be seen by everyone." - HARRY BELAFONTE

"Guilty Until Proven Guilty brings into focus the unreasonable and unfair choices people face in the (criminal justice) system due to cruel and excessive laws, even pleading guilty when innocent." - JEE PARK, Executive Director, Innocence Project, New Orleans

"An extraordinary film that turns the spotlight on the harms perpetrated by the criminal justice system...bearing witness to the personal human consequences of outdated and inhumane policies." - JODY LEWEN, Prison University Project, Executive Director

"America's criminal justice system and its inequities go under the microscope in this powerful documentary." - THE WRAP


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