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A Girl and a Gun
A film by Cathryne Czubek

76 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2012
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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Bringing a female perspective to the debate that's raging across the nation, A Girl and a Gun explores the intersection of 'girl power' and firepower. Filmed throughout the U.S., the film delves deep into the American gun world to show the relationship between women and their guns. 

The classic Hollywood portrayals of pistol packin' mamas, tomboy sharp shooters, sexually twisted femme fatales, and high-heeled, cold-blooded assassins are caricatures. In truth, the typical woman who hangs out at rifle ranges and keeps ammo in her purse is the girl-next-door, the single mom, a hard working sister or aunt. Maybe she's a realist or has learned tough lessons from life; either way, she cares about her personal safety and may find salvation, comfort or even something satisfying in possessing a gun. In a word, she is empowered. 

Breaking through the stereotypes, A Girl and a Gun reveals how some women have embraced this object whose history is deeply bound to men and masculinity. Punctuated with archival footage and expert commentary to provide a rich historical and cultural context, the film presents a nuanced yet empowering perspective on a deadly serious issue.

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"A fast-paced, nuanced exploration of why women lock and load." - Bust Magazine

"This stereotype-dismantling doc about women and gun culture recognizes there's more to that uneasy relationship than Annie Oakley and lady terminators." - The Village Voice

"A thoroughly entertaining, well-made film... should lead to a healthy – and necessary – public debate on the subject of girls and guns." - About.com

"Thought-provoking...shines light on a worthy subject." - Film Journal

"Timely and prescient, Czubek’s documentary may just be what the doctor ordered: a new approach to discussing gun culture in America — a stereoscopic examination of who owns guns, how they live with them and why they have them." - GALO Magazine

"It is a perfect film for our times." - Andy Morales, American Woman Shooter Magazine


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Disc Features

●  Julia Haltigan's A Girl and A Gun theme song music video
●  Bonus scenes & interviews

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