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The End of Time
With stunning cinematography, Peter Mettler's enthralling, mind-bending documentary challenges our conception of time - and perhaps the very fabric of our existence.

In The News

Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary
The U.S. Senate recently rejected Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division because of his ties to Mumia Abu Jamal.

Film Activism

Living Downstream
If you're inspired by this film about cancer and its environmental links and want to know how you can make a difference, visit

History Lessons

The Most Dangerous Man in America
In 1971, Pentagon official Daniel Ellsberg concluded that the Vietnam War was based on decades of lies and leaked top secret documents to the press.

From Around the World

Fambul Tok
Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war come together in tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies to build sustainable peace.

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A Matter of Taste
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Peter Brook: The Tightrope

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Top Ten Documentaries

1. An Unreal Dream
A man wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder is freed after 25 years.

2. God Loves Uganda
The impact of American evangelicals on anti-gay sentiment in Uganda.

3. Rising From Ashes
The Rwandan National Cycling Team's 6-year journey to the Olympics.

4. Somm
A look into the mysterious Court of Master Sommeliers.

5. 56 Up
The latest installment in Michael Apted's groundbreaking Up Series.

6. A Fierce Green FIre
Over 50 years of environmental history in 101 minutes.

7. People of a Feather
A look at the Inuit and their unique relationship with the eider duck.

8. Birth of the Living Dead
The story behind George A. Romero's iconic Night of the Living Dead.

9. Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story
A retrospective of the renegade children's book author and illustrator.


10. Bidder 70
Climate activist Tim DeChristopher upsets a federal land auction.