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Top Ten Documentaries
1. Somm
A look into the mysterious Court of Master Sommeliers.
2. The Up Series
The acclaimed series chronicling a group of Brits from age seven in 1964.
3. Maidentrip
A 14-year-old becomes the youngest person to sail around the world alone.
4. Dream Deceivers
Distraught parents take heavy metal icons Judas Priest to court.
5. God Loves Uganda
The impact of American evangelicals on anti-gay sentiment in Uganda.
6. More Than the Rainbow
A portrait of NYC taxi-driver-turned-street-photographer Matt Weber.
7. For the Bible Tells Me So
Homosexuality meets Biblical scripture in this eye-opening doc.
8. Anita: Speaking Truth to Power
A comprehensive look at the legacy of Anita Hill.
9. A Fierce Green FIre
Over 50 years of environmental history in 101 minutes.
10. Tiny: A Story About Living Small
Two people with no construction experience build a tiny dream home.

New and Notable

Through a Lens Darkly
Exploring the American family photo album through the eyes of black photographers, Through a Lens Darkly probes the recesses of American history to discover images that have been suppressed, forgotten and lost.

In The News

Dream Deceivers
Thanks to the fair use revolution, a new generation is able to watch this 1992 documentary about distraught parents who accused heavy metal icons Judas Priest of "mesmerizing" their sons.

Film Activism

Living Downstream
If you're inspired by this film about cancer and its environmental links and want to know how you can make a difference, visit

History Lessons

Anita: Speaking Truth to Power
Directed by Freida Mock, Anita  celebrates Anita Hill's legacy and reveals the story of a woman who has empowered millions to stand up for equality and justice.

From Around the World

Modern Life
Filmmaker Raymond Depardon casts an affectionate, irreverent eye on a small community of farmers in France as they are confronted by the problems and challenges the contemporary world brings.

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