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Anote's Ark

On iTunes & DVD April 16 The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet, far-removed from the pressures of modern life. Yet it is one of the first countries that must confront imminent annihilation from sea-level rise.


On iTunes & DVD April 23 A billion dollar American hotel/condo development is poised to engulf a small coastal community in Mexico. But local townspeople band together to battle the threat to their water, their beach and their heritage.

That Way Madness Lies...

On iTunes & DVD April 30 What do you do when your brother descends into the mental black hole of schizophrenia - falling for a Nigerian email scam and eventually winding up in the hospital made famous by One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

Moser: Dare to Win

On iTunes & Amazon VOD May 7 The Italian cyclist Francesco Moser is a legend on two wheels, born and raised in Trentino but renowned all over the world. Dare to Win is a unique portrait of the man, his family and the community of Palý di Giovo.

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

On iTunes & DVD May 14 Imagine you're in jail awaiting trial for a crime you didn't commit: do you accept a plea bargain of seven years or risk a sentence of life in jail? In Louisiana's criminal justice system, the choice isn't easy -- especially if you're black.

To a More Perfect Union: U.S. v. Windsor

On iTunes & DVD May 28 Offended by the government's refusal to recognize her 40+ year relationship with the love of her life because they were the same sex, Edie Windsor decided to sue the United States government - and won.

Before Homosexuals

On iTunes & DVD June 11 Emmy Award-winner John Scagliotti, the executive producer of Before Stonewall, guides us in a wondrous tour of erotic history, poetry and visual art in his new documentary on same-sex desire from ancient times to Victorian crimes.

Montessori: Let the Child Be the Guide

On iTunes & DVD June 25 Curious about the Montessori Method, filmmaker Alexandre Mourot sets his camera up in the oldest Montessori school in France (with kids from 3 to 6 years of age) and observes this child-centered educational approach for an entire year.