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Forgiving Dr. Mengele

On Vimeo December 12 | Now available on DVD Eva Kor and her twin sister were victims of Josef Mengele, who conducted sadistic experiments on human beings at Auschwitz. Haunted by these cruel acts, something even more shocking occurs: Eva finds the power to forgive him.

It Takes From Within

On iTunes January 16 | On DVD January 30 Inspired by arthouse films of the 1960s, writer/director Lee Eubanks creates a menacing world of dread, isolation, and unease in his feature film debut, a cryptic journey into the dark void between reality and nightmare.


On iTunes February 13 | On DVD February 27 Epic in scope yet filmed with vérité intimacy over nearly a decade, the Sundance documentary Quest is a vivid illumination of race and class in America, and a testament to love, healing and hope.

Extraordinary Ordinary People

On iTunes March 6 | On DVD March 20 At a time when the NEA has never been more threatened, this new documentary provides a music-fueled journey across America. Featuring a breathtaking array of musicians, dancers, quilters, woodcarvers, and more.

Exit: Music

On Vimeo April 3 | On DVD April 17 Before the arrival of Hitler, Germany was the center of the musical world. Within five years thousands of musicians fled the country as the Nazis tightened race laws and hijacked music for propaganda purposes.