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Weight: A Powerlifter in Brooklyn

July 12 You beat the weight or the weight beats you Ė itís the test every powerlifter faces when approaching the bar. But the weight thatís been pressing down on coach and gym owner Paul Steinman is something far more challenging than sport.

Professor, The: Tai Chi's Journey West

July 12 This documentary explores Tai Chi as both a martial art and spiritual practice and tells the story of the remarkable life of one of its greatest masters, Cheng Man-Ching, a man who brought Tai Chi and Chinese culture to the West during the swinging, turbulent 60s.

Spring & Arnaud

July 12 Influential photographer Arnaud Maggs, turning 85, embarks on a series of self-portraits that wryly depict his life's work. Spring Hurlbut at 60 is creating haunting works that evoke mortality. Together more than 25 years, each grapples with the nature of an artist's creativity.

Meet the Guilbys

August 9 Claire and Maurice, both survivors of previous marriages, have to take their whole family on a road trip to Claire's father's funeral. Will this family of misfits survive the trip? From the company that brought us Persepolis and Delicatessen.

Dark Diamond

August 9 In this thriller, Pier blames his extended diamond-dealer family for his father's tragic life - and death. To take revenge, he insinuates himself back into the family enterprise, with an elaborate caper in mind to destroy the business.