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Best and Most Beautiful Things

January 3 Precocious 20-year-old Michelle is legally blind and on the autism spectrum. Searching for connection, she explores love and empowerment outside the limits of "normal" through a sex-positive community. Her story of self-discovery celebrates outcasts everywhere.

Mr. Pig

January 3 Ambrose (Danny Glover), a pig farmer on the brink of losing his farm, sets off on a road trip with Howard, his beloved pig. When Ambrose's drinking and deteriorating health begin to take a toll, his estranged daughter Eunice (Maya Rudolph) joins them on their adventure.


January 31 Zvia lives with her family on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. She goes for walks, trying to escape the endless house work. One night, she is exposed to an unsettling sexual scene. Stirred by this image, she starts exploring this new realm of the mountain.

Watermelon Woman, The

January 31 Re-released for its 20th anniversary in a pristine 2K HD restoration, The Watermelon Woman is the story of Cheryl (Cheryl Dunye), a twenty-something black lesbian struggling to make a documentary about Fae Richards, an elusive 1930s black film actress.