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American Socialist: Eugene V. Debs

On iTunes & DVD July 3 Bernie Sanders inspired a generation - but who inspired him? Most people don't know that the contemporary political movement to address income inequality began over 100 years ago with Eugene Debs. This documentary is an in-depth look at Debs.


On iTunes July 17 | On DVD July 24 In this searing drama, five Moroccans are pushed to the fringe by their extremist government. Spanning three decades, Razzia weaves an intricate tale of lost loves, forbidden desires, and fragile dreams in modern day Morocco.

Alone on the Island of the Blue Dolphins

On DVD & Vimeo August 21 Every year nearly half a million children read 'Island of The Blue Dolphins,' the story of a Native American girl left alone for 18 years on a remote California island in the 1800s. This new documentary explores her true story.

In the Land of Pomegranates

On iTunes Sept 7 | On DVD Sept 18 From Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hava Kohav Beller comes her latest work, a suspenseful, multi-layered documentary centered on a group of young people who were born into a violent and insidious ongoing war.


On iTunes Sept 7 | On DVD Sept 18 Follow 25 year-old Serena Dykman and her mother as they retrace her grandmother's Auschwitz survival story. After the war, Nana dedicated her life to speaking publically about her survival to younger generations.

Strangers on the Earth

On iTunes Sept 18 | On DVD Oct 2 Join Dane Johansen as he walks the Camino de Santiago, cello on his back, performing music for his fellow pilgrims at churches along the way. The film explores the mental and spiritual aspects of his journey.