staff picks
eleonore's pick
The Watermelon Woman

If there ever was a time to support work by queer women of color, it would be now. The Watermelon Woman - the seminal 90s lesbian film by Cheryl Dunye – has now been restored and is ready to make a comeback. Beyond the 90s nostalgia – the film definitely reminds you of the work output in that decade by independent American filmmakers – it deals with timely issues of race and representation. It’s also very funny and endearing. The restored version is re-released on DVD with a recent wonderful short film by Dunye. A must see!

farhad's pick
Fidel: The Untold Story

This is an engrossing documentary that shows different facets of Castro’s life and personality rarely portrayed in mainstream American media.

heidi's picks
A Will for the Woods

The beautiful story of a dying man determined to remain within the cycle of life. If you're unfamiliar with green burial practices, this is a wonderful, if heart-breaking, introduction.

An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story

I wish this was fiction, but it isn't. It's the infuriating tale of a man wrongly convicted of his wife's brutal murder and imprisoned 25 years before anyone bothered to test the DNA evidence collected at the scene (which led to the actual killer).

john's pick
Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet

This beautiful film weaves behind-the-scenes and classroom footage with backstage and onstage performances, touching on emotions without praise or pity. A must-see for lovers of dance.

judith's picks
Anita: Speaking Truth to Power

Equally enraging and inspiring, this powerful documentary is a reminder that one courageous person really can change history. It’s an important snapshot of the past and its message remains as urgent as ever today.

Time Indefinite

Both funny and sad, this sequel to Sherman's March is a personal journey in which filmmaker Ross McElwee attempts to come to terms with death, change and the passage of time.

kelly's pick
Dance for Camera / Dance for Camera 2

I'm obviously biased, since I produced these compilations and my own film is on one of them - but they really are a must-see for anyone interested in dance on film!

marc's picks

Anyone interested in science or history (or the history of science) will get a kick out of this slightly odd, totally involving film. It's like a secret history, and one that has relevance to our modern age, too.

Hell on Wheels

This is one of the best films ever made about any sport, but the fact that it's about professional bike racing (my passion) makes it a true delight and an absolute must-see.

Please Vote for Me

Now that I have kids, I find it fascinating to see these Chinese 8-year-olds act like seasoned political operatives in their quest to be elected class monitor. Both hilarious & scary as hell.

paul's picks
Beyond Hatred

Like no other documentary in our collection. Moving, poetic, and contemplative.


I like this quite a bit better than Marc. Pick stealer.