staff picks
linnea's pick


This near-silent film, a take on Lysistrata set in an imaginary desert country, is hilarious, adorable, AND captivating, all at the same time.

jennifer's pick

For the Bible Tells Me So

An enlightening film that is both a comprehensive answer to what the Bible really says about homosexuality, and a touching look at how real families reconcile their faith and love for their children.

judith's picks

A Tickle in the Heart

Shot in beautiful black and white, this lovely film tells the story of klezmer legends Max, Willie & Julius Epstein. The music is joyful, the stories inspiring, and the performers are funny and full of life.

Time Indefinite

Both funny and sad, this sequel to Sherman's March is a personal journey in which filmmaker Ross McElwee attempts to come to terms with death, change and the passage of time.

A Perfect Candidate

Although this film is about Ollie North’s 1994 senate campaign, it feels all too timely and relevant in its exposure of the dark side of American politics. Hilarious, scary and fascinating.

kelly's picks

Dance for Camera / Dance for Camera 2

I'm obviously biased, since I produced these compilations and my own film is on one of them - but they really are a must-see for anyone interested in dance on film!

farhad's pick

Fidel: The Untold Story

This is an engrossing documentary that shows different facets of Castro’s life and personality rarely portrayed in mainstream American media.

heidi's picks


I ♥ this uncannily Michael Moore-esque documentary (as does Michael Moore) that takes on a loaded subject with candor, care and a colossal dose of wit.


This earnest, suspenseful and beautifully shot Turkish drama, based on the also-wonderful book by O.Z. Livaneli, is my favorite of our foreign films.

john's pick

Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet

This beautiful film weaves behind-the-scenes and classroom footage with backstage and onstage performances, touching on emotions without praise or pity. A must-see for lovers of dance.

marc's picks


Anyone interested in science or history (or the history of science) will get a kick out of this slightly odd, totally involving film. It's like a secret history, and one that has relevance to our modern age, too.

Hell on Wheels

This is one of the best films ever made about any sport, but the fact that it's about professional bike racing (my passion) makes it a true delight and an absolute must-see.

Please Vote for Me

Now that I have kids, I find it fascinating to see these Chinese 8-year-olds act like seasoned political operatives in their quest to be elected class monitor. Hilarious & scary as hell at the same time.

paul's picks

Beyond Hatred

Like no other documentary in our collection. Moving, poetic, and contemplative.


I like this quite a bit better than Marc. Pick stealer.