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Top Ten Fiction Films
1. Tangerines
A man cares for two wounded soldiers from opposite sides of a war.
2. The Farewell Party
A group of friends at a retirement home decide to help their terminally ill friend.
3. The German Doctor
An Argentinean family unwittingly harbors Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.
4. The Butterfly
An eight-year-old befriends the ornery butterfly collector living next door.
5. Brownian Movement
A seemingly normal young doctor in Brussels leads a daring secret life.
6. Eastern Boys
Sex for hire turns into an unexpectedly profound relationship.
7. Tokyo Fiancée
A French tutor in Tokyo has a whirlwind romance with her only student.
8. Strangers in Good Company
Seven old women become stranded at a deserted farmhouse.
9. Know How
Written and acted by foster care youth, ripped from the stories of their lives.
10. Alice
Master animator Jan Svankmajer creates a surrealist dream universe.

New and Notable

Mr. Pig
This Sundance World Premiere follows an old-school pig farmer from California (Danny Glover), who, on the brink of losing his family farm, sets off on a road trip with Howard, his beloved and very large pig.

This Month's Foreign Pick

A story of awakening humanity in the midst of violence, Tangerines is the spare, yet haunting tale of an older Estonian man who cares for two wounded soldiers from opposite sides of the 1990s-era war in Georgia.

Based on the Book

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
Based on the best-selling novel set during China's cultural revolution, this acclaimed film is about two young men who are sent to a remote mountain village for a Maoist re-education.

Star-Studded Cast

Lina Headey (Game of Thrones), Stellan Skarsgård (Melancholia), and Charlotte Rampling (Swimming Pool) star in this moving Norwegian drama.

Family Friendly

Mongolian Ping Pong
A ping pong ball found floating in a stream becomes the source of wonderment for three young boys in the remote grasslands of Mongolia, a magnificent landscape little changed since the time of Genghis Khan.