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New and Notable

Wagner's Jews
German composer Richard Wagner was notoriously anti-Semitic and his writings were embraced by the Nazis. But for years, many of Wagner's closest associates and supporters were Jews.

A Look at the Past

The Bible Unearthed
The Bible is both a religious and historical work, but how much is myth and how much is history? This investigation into the origins of the Bible visits archaeological digs in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

On the Lighter Side

Yana's Friends
Yana, a young, beautiful and pregnant Russian immigrant is abandoned by her husband and left to fend for herself in the flat she shares with Eli, an Israeli wedding photographer with a passion for women.

Issues of Faith

Hiding and Seeking This award-winning film tells the dramatic and emotional story of a Jewish father who journeys with his two utlra-orthodox sons back to Poland to find the Christian farmers who hid their family from the Nazis.

In the Performing Arts

Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child
Artist Gottfried Helnwein takes on the role of Production Designer for a never-before-seen opera written by Israel‘s most famous playwright.

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Top Ten Jewish Experience Titles

1. Wagner's Jews
Why did so many Jews support the notoriously anti-Semitic composer?

2. Orchestra of Exiles
The story of how one man saved nearly 1,000 Jews from the Nazis.

3. When Jews Were Funny
A survey of the history of Jewish comedy.

4. Bonhoeffer
German theologian was one of the first voices of resistance to Hitler.

5. Old Jews Telling Jokes
Just what it’s called: old Jews...telling jokes...

6. Wagner & Me
Stephen Fry reconciles his love of Wagner with the man's anti-Semitism.

7. Constantine's Sword
An astonishing exploration of the dark side of Christianity over the years.

8. Forgiving Dr. Mengele
A victim of the infamous Nazi doctor decides to forgive the unforgivable.

9. Eyes Wide Open
An Orthodox family man falls for his handsome young student.

10. A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
An intimate look into the mysterious and joyous world of the Hasidic Jews.