A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps

In 1961, JFK gave young Americans the opportunity to serve their country in a new way by forming the Peace Corps. This new documentary explores the story of the Corps – taking viewers on a journey of what it means to be a global citizen.


The documentary ALGREN is a journey through the gritty world, brilliant mind, and noble heart of Nelson Algren, who defined post-war American urban fiction with his gritty, brilliant depiction of working class Chicago.

The Book Keepers

A husband keeps his wife's dream alive by becoming the spokesperson for her book – a memoir about cancer, friendship, and cultivating an open heart – after her death. Their filmmaker son joins his father in this ode to the healing power of storytelling.

The Celluloid Bordello

Since the dawn of cinema, sex workers have been portrayed (mostly negatively) by filmmakers. In this enlightening mix of history, critique and homage, sex workers tell you which films they love and hate, and which get it right and which miss the mark.

The Champagne Safari

What was a reputed Nazi collaborator doing reconnoitering the Canadian Northwest in 1934? This captivating documentary recounts the previously untold story of a mysterious millionaire's expedition through Canada's Rocky Mountain wilderness.

Down in Dallas Town

A startling documentary about the shifting terrain of public memory sixty years after the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Through interviews and songs, it explores the impact of the assassination on issues in today’s world.

Free Puppies!

Millions of rescue dogs from the rural South are transported to new homes thanks to the tireless efforts of a grassroots network of dog rescuers. Here is a true story about some of the intrepid women who are working together to save them.

Glow: The Story of Legendary Swiss Diva Irene Staub

Gabriel Baur’s latest film is about Swiss Icon Irene Staub, aka Lady Shiva – fierce feminist, fashion diva, freedom rebel, punk singer, and actor who charmed everyone from Catherine Deneuve to Felllini, Bowie and Jagger.

How They Got Over

This "smile-inducing" (NY Times) documentary tells the story of how Black gospel quartet music became a primary source for what we would call rock and roll, and in the process helped to break down racial walls in 1950s America.

Imagining the Indian: The Fight Against Native American Mascoting

A comprehensive look at the movement to eradicate the words, images, and gestures that many Native Americans and their allies find harmful, demeaning, and offensive.

The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg

For 25 years, Academy Award®-nominated director Jerry Aronson accumulated more than 60 hours of film on Ginsberg, resulting in this comprehensive portrait of one of America’s greatest poets, author of Howl and other groundbreaking poems.

A Life's Work

What's it like to dedicate your life to work that won't be completed in your lifetime? Fifteen years ago, filmmaker David Licata focused on four remarkable projects and the people behind them in an effort to answer this universal question.

Looking for Home

In today’s uncertain world, what is the meaning of home? As global crises leave millions both bound to and displaced from their habitats, the film explores what 'home' is – a concept universally embraced, but now in an unprecedented state of flux.


ParaGold follows four equestrian hopefuls as they vie for a spot on the U.S. Dressage team for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Despite severe physical disabilities, determination and the bond with their horses helps each in their pursuit of greatness.

Paul Taylor: Creative Domain

Among the most acclaimed choreographers in American history, Paul Taylor reinvented the roles of music and movement in dance for nearly 60 years. This rare, in-depth look into his creative process is the last documentary made with him before his death in 2018.

The Quiet Epidemic

After years of living with mysterious symptoms, a young girl and a scientist are diagnosed with a disease said to not exist: Chronic Lyme disease. The film follows their search for answers, landing them in the middle of a medical debate.

Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island

In this thrilling feminist documentary, four intrepid homemakers fight back against the nuclear industry to expose one of the worst cover-ups in U.S. history: the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown.

Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera

The documentary follows a classically trained composer as he adapts a dime novel masterpiece into a grand opera – bringing America's cowboy culture and the sprawling beauty of the West into the realm of Puccini and Verdi.

Roots of Fire

Award-winning musicians honor the rich history and cultural legacy of Cajun music. Featuring electrifying performances, this crowd pleasing documentary explores how playing kick-ass music preserves tradition for future generations.

Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod is the world’s most-heard living composer – who nobody’s heard of. Royalty Free brings to life this remarkable musician, who allows anyone to use his music for no charge, from Hollywood studios to grandmas making cat videos.


Discover the strangely beautiful places where things go to die and meet the people who collect, restore, and recycle the world's scrap. SCRAP scratches beneath flaking paint and rusting metal to reveal the beauty and pathos in what we leave behind.


In the desert of New Mexico, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators come together with an ambitious goal: to create a new vision for humanity, one that will pave the way for solving some of the world's most challenging problems.

Somewhere With No Bridges

Twenty years after a beloved local fisherman, Richie Madeiras, goes missing off the shores of Martha's Vineyard, a distant cousin locates Richie's indelible spirit in the stories of family, friends and the sweeping sea which has defined their lives.

Sunken Roads

Sunken Roads tells a story of inter-generational friendship as 20-year-old filmmaker Charlotte Juergens joins eight D-Day veterans on a journey to France – a commemorative pilgrimage to Omaha Beach for the 70th anniversary of the invasion.


In this intimate cinéma vérité documentary, a Vermont dairy farmer risks losing the only home he's ever known to chase his dreams of dog mushing in Alaska.