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American Teacher
A film by Vanessa Roth

81 minutes, color, English, 2011

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As the debate over the state of America's public school system rages on, one thing everyone agrees on is the need for great teachers. Yet, while research proves that teachers are the most important school-based factor in a child's future success, America's teachers are so woefully underpaid that almost two thirds must divide their time between a second job in order to make a living.

Chronicling the stories of five teachers in different areas of the country, American Teacher reveals the frustrating realities of today's educators, the difficulty of attracting talented new teachers, and why so many of our best teachers feel forced to leave the profession altogether.

But this wake-up call to our system's failings also looks at possibilities for reform. Can we re-value teaching in the United States and turn it into a prestigious, financially attractive and desirable profession? With almost half of American teachers leaving the field in the next ten years, now is the time to find out (from SFIFF).

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"American Teacher raises important questions about America's teachers. It should spark a much-needed conversation." - Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

"Empathetically narrated by Matt Damon, [this] engaging pic is nicely assembled in all departments." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Powerful." - Anthony Rebora, Education Week’s Teaching Now blog

"Captivating…shows why we must value our nation’s educators more by paying them more." - ABCDE Blog

"American Teacher exposes the reality of any normal teacher’s life, calls for action, and raises some important questions." - Isabel Allende


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Disc Features

●  Bonus Scenes
●  More Interviews

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