A film by Hermann Zschoche

80 minutes, fiction, color, German w/ English subtitles, 1972

This title is no longer available.



Eolomea is part of the DEFA Collection

A mysterious message - “Eolomea” - is received on Earth from a sector of space. Within three days, eight cargo ships disappear from the sector, and a space station goes silent. What is Eolomea - and who on Earth knows about it?

With shades of Tarkovsky, Kubrick, and even Jess Franco, this striking sci-fi classic from the legendary DEFA film studio features a spectacular space exploration plot grounded in realism – the scientists drink and swear, the bureaucrats get in the way, and the space stations are reminiscent of MIR.

Remastered Special Edition - Uncut & Unaltered!


"The DEFA Sci-Fi Collection'' brings together three cold-war fantasies of space travel and Communist domination of the known universe, blending outrageous camp and Marxist ideology." - New York Times

"If there's anything more beguiling to a true treasure-hunting cinephile than the old films of a lost nation-in this case, East Germany-it's that nation's idiosyncratic genre flicks. Socialist sci-fi! First Run is releasing three uncut films from DEFA, the GDR's premier production studio, all of them chintzy, freaky, conceptual space operas focused, surprisingly, on character and emotional fallout." - Village Voice

"Running the gamut from the exceedingly nerdy and expository to the absolutely tripped out, reckless consumption of this set may result in full-fledged conversion to a utopian space politics unheard of this side of the United Space Federation. Highly enjoyable!"
- Stop Smiling Magazine

Recommended Reading

That Was the Wild East: Film Culture, Unification, and the "New" Germany by Leonie Naughton

Disc Features

●  Introductory Essay
●  Interview with Special Effects Cameraman
●  Interview with Costume Designer
●  Photo Gallery
●  Director / Cast Biographies & Filmographies
●  DEFA Sci-Fi Trailer Gallery

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