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Evergreen: The Road to Legalization
A film by Riley Morton & Nils Cowan

86 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014
DVD packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack

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After a 40-year-old nationwide 'War on Drugs' the state of Washington becomes a key battleground in the fight to legalize marijuana. But many advocates of legalization are opposed to Initiative 502, the law that will permit the growing, sale and use of cannabis. They say it will impose harsh DUI laws, new taxes, additional restrictions and penalties that will hurt medical marijuana patients and providers. These unexpected opposing forces make Evergreen a scintillating inside look at a political clash that exposes the economic and human impact of marijuana legalization.

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"An engrossing behind-the-scenes look at how Washington state went from a politically polarized battleground to be one of the first states to pave the way for drug reform."
- Denver Post

"This dual focus on the need to end the ineffective, destructive 'war on drugs' and broader questions of political compromise gives 'Evergreen' particular resonance." - Variety

"A fascinating case study in the promise and perils of ballot-box democracy, and the give-and-take nature of social progress." - Salon

"Excellent...mandatory viewing for anyone who takes marijuana legalization seriously."
- Just Activism

"A fascinating, extraordinarily well-researched and executed doc." - Filmmaker Magazine

"A compelling look inside not only the war on drugs but the grueling process of civic reform in today’s culture - a primer on how difficult it is to institute real change in contemporary America." - This Week in New York


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Disc Features

Seven bonus videos:

●  The Future - After I-502
●  Q&A with Ethan Nadelmann, Director, Drug Policy Alliance
●  The International Implications of Legalization
●  Rick Steves on Removing the Stigma
●  Vivian McPeak on I-502 & the State of the Reform Movement
●  Pete Holmes on Prisons
●  Dominic Holden on Alison Holcomb

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