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Fidelio: Alice’s Odyssey
A film by Lucie Borleteau

97 minutes, fiction, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2015

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Thirty-year-old Alice is a sailor about to embark on a journey she will not soon forget. Leaving her fiancé Félix ashore, she joins the crew of an old cargo ship, the Fidelio, as a mechanic. Once on board, Alice discovers that she is replacing a man who has just died and that Gaël, the first great love of her life, is the ship’s captain.

Lulled by life aboard the ship and entranced by the limitless horizon of the wide open ocean, Alice succumbs to desire and begins an affair with Gaël. But she soon faces a difficult choice about what will make her truly happy: an unfettered life at sea, or grounded happiness at home?

Lucie Borleteau's provocative and sensuous directorial debut brings to the screen a powerful female protagonist in an almost exclusively male world, while Arianne Labed's fearless performance as Alice reveals a confident, independent woman fully in command of her own sexuality, grappling with conflicting desires.

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"High passions on the high seas." - The Hollywood Reporter

"! Sensual...powerful." - Time Out London

"Easily the most fascinating film to come along and challenge traditional gender roles in the past year... truly unique." - Variety

"'Borleteau presents the intense sexual relationship graphically yet perceptively; this is that rare movie in which the characters’ lovemaking actually reveals things about them. Borleteau is no less astute in depicting the work aboard an ocean freighter; the movie has as much to say about life in the globalized economy as it does about eroticism." - Chicago Reader

"Lucie Borleteau’s Fidelio: Alice’s (somewhat explicit) Odyssey, in which a 30-year-old woman’s sex life converges with her career, fits perfectly in the current landscape of American pop culture. In other words, it’s the candid (as in a little raunchy) depiction of a woman’s sensuality from a female filmmaker’s point of view." - Film-Forward

"A fascinating portrait of a liberated female sailor who floats free of the conventional life. Ariane Labed puts in an astonishingly vivid performance as the globe-trotting seawoman. Very satisfying." - Spirituality & Practice


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"Ten Rising French Talents to Watch!"- Indiewire, 7/5/15

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