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Film Geek
A film by James Westby

72 minutes, fiction, color, English, 2005

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The award-winning, critically acclaimed comedy Film Geek is about one movie nerd's quest to get a life. When Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian) is fired from his video store job for annoying the customers, he hits rock bottom. But then he meets Niko (Tyler Gannon), a sexy free spirit who just might save Scotty from his hopeless existence. Triumphant and hilarious, Film Geek celebrates the geek in all of us.

Watch a Scene from the Film

IN THIS SCENE: Meet Scotty Pelk. He is a film geek.


"I LOVED THIS MOVIE!" - Morgan Spurlock, Director of Supersize Me

"A really sweet movie! " - Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV

"Gold! Hollywood, take notice of writer-director James Westby." - New York Post

"Melik Malkasian is a film geek worth getting to know!" - Entertainment Weekly

"Spot-on, verry funny! For the geek in all of us!" - The Oregonian


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Disc Features

●  Outtakes
●  Short Film: The Auteur
●  Photo Gallery
●  Film Notes
●  Cast & Crew Bios

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