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The Films of Michael Sporn, Vol. 1
Two films by Michael Sporn

57 minutes, animation, color, English, 1994-1996

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Volume 1 includes these two award-winning films from the celebrated animation studios of Michael Sporn:

When Helene Angel walks home from school with her older brother she is attacked by a street gang and painted white. The effect on Helene and her family is devastating. Helene locks herself in her room, her brother blames himself for not having successfully defended his sister, and the media descends on their neighborhood, completely disrupting her small family. But an outpouring of love and understanding from Helene's friends, classmates, and family helps her face what has happened, and draws the community together. Inspired by actual events, Whitewash conveys a powerful message that transcends age and race, told in an entertaining way perfect for children of all ages.

Champagne is the true story of a young teen-age girl whose mother is incarcerated for murder. Living in a Catholic Children's home run by an order of nuns, she provides poignant commentary about her mother, her own situation, and her outlook for the future. Starring the voice of the real-life Champagne, this award-winning film shows how hope can spring forth even in the most challenging of times. Featuring the voices by Ruby Dee and Linda Lavin.


"Wonderful, masterpiece!" - Booklist (on Whitewash)

"Ruby Dee is wonderful!" - USA Today (on Whitewash)



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Disc Features

●  Animation gallery
●  Making of documentary
●  Audio commentary by Michael Sporn

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