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The Heart of the Peloton
Three documentaries about professional cycling

268 minutes total on 3 discs, documentary, color, 2004-2009
In English, German & Belgian w/ English subtitles

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This DVD box set includes three unforgettable films about the sport of professional bike racing. From Tour de France racing action to going behind the scenes with America’s premiere ProTour team to a revealing look at the current world champion, The Heart of the Peloton is guaranteed to please the hard-core enthusiast and the newcomers to the sport as well. The following films are included in this new collection:

Hell on Wheels
Le Tour de France, the toughest bicycle race of all, recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Year after year this spectacular event fascinates millions of people worldwide. But within the beauty of the French countryside and the tensions of the race, Academy Award Winner Pepe Danquart chose to illustrate the torture and the pain, the fear and the courage of the riders of the Tour. In the process he captures the thrill of the race, the essence of the stunning landscape, and shines light on the Tour's supporting cast - the masseurs, managers, fans and more. Adding a fine sense of history, Hell on Wheels transcends the sport it celebrates to reveal an astonishing human endeavor.

Blood, Sweat + Gears
Blood, Sweat + Gears is the story of a unique American professional cycling team, a team devoted not only to cleaning up the sport of cycling but to succeeding in the Tour de France. Setting off from the frozen roads of a Colorado winter, racing over the dangerous cobblestones of the Spring classic Paris-Roubaix, and finally arriving at the Champs-Elysees, the grand Parisian boulevard which marks the end of the Tour de France, this riveting, eye-opening documentary takes viewers on an incredible emotional journey, following the ups and downs of an underdog cycling team as they try, against all odds, to ride triumphantly into Paris.

Yell for Cadel
Yell for Cadel goes behind the scenes at the Tour de France to reveal how a world class cyclist – Australian Cadel Evans, the recent winner of the World Championships – prepares for the world’s toughest bike race. For over 100 years this spectacular three week race across the mountains, valleys and cities of France has fascinated millions of people worldwide, who cheer on their favorite riders. Feel the tension, the passion and the excitement of one of the world’s foremost sporting competitions as Cadel and the rest of his Silence-Lotto racing team prepare for their ‘08 Tour de France campaign. Evans has long been a favorite at the Tour; he’s never won...but this could be his year.


"A beautiful film that captures the Tour de France’s defining moments. Stunning cinematography... High drama... Essential viewing!" - CyclingNews.com (on Hell on Wheels)

"An amazing inside look at these worldclass athletes. The story is great, the images memorable - a great way to get pumped for the Tour de France!"
- Chicago Now (on Blood, Sweat + Gears)

"Insightful, beautiful! Essential viewing for any fan." - Velonews (on Hell on Wheels)

"Gorgeous! A fascinating glimpse inside the lives of people whose dedication to, and sacrifice for a sport is nothing short of remarkable."
- ONTV Online Reviews (on Blood, Sweat + Gears)

"Lays bare the agony and the ecstasy of cycling’s premier event. Guaranteed to give noncyclists a greater appreciation of the sport." - The Sunday Mail (Australia, on Hell on Wheels)

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