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La Vie Promise
A film by Olivier Dahan

94 minutes, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2002

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La Vie Promise is part of The Empire DVD Collection

Isabelle Huppert stars as Sylvia, a weary prostitute who suddenly makes contact with her estranged teenage daughter. Fleeing the French Mediterranean, they head north. Hounded by memory lapses and desperate not to see her daughter repeat her own mistakes, Sylvia tries to re-discover her once promising past.


"La Vie Promise reminds us that Isabelle Huppert is incontestably one of the very great screen actresses."- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"As lovely as it may be to look at, La Vie Promise still delivers a psychological punch, thanks to skillful storytelling and Huppert’s impressive performance." - Time Out New York

"Like Garbo, Huppert has a way of looking at people... she shows everything to us, and it’s fascinating." - San Francisco Chronicle

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