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Let's Get Frank
A film by Bart Everly

75 minutes, color, English, 2003

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Let's Get Frank is the story of one of America’s most well loved and outspoken politicians. It’s also a hilarious and insightful movie about modern politics, gay life and political hypocrisy.

Filmmaker Bart Everly spent 24 months following Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass.), one of the nation’s few openly gay politicians. With unlimited access to both his professional and personal life, Everly captured Frank doing what he does best - being frank! From Capitol Hill to Fire Island, Frank’s sharp wit, outspoken views and down home understanding of politics have made him popular and respected - on both sides of the political fence. After surviving his own sex scandal, Frank became one of President Clinton’s staunchest and most effective defenders.


"An astute, congressional insider's take on political strategy." - The New York Times

"One man's guided tour through Bizarro Washington!" - Washington Post

"Grade A! A Fascinating look at power, prejudice and the way politics is really played. Yep, it's totally dirty." - E Online

"A superior piece of work, delving into its subject with balance, grace and a clear-headed search for truth." - Newark Star-Ledger

"Sharp. Plays like an underground bus tour of The Capital, led by one of its funniest and most perceptive insiders." - New York Magazine

"Most overlooked political documentary of the year! An entertaining, behind-the-scenes tour of the sausage factory that is congress." - Boston Globe

Disc Features

●  New Interview with Barney Frank
●  Additional Interviews
●  Biographies

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