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Living in Emergency on DVD
A film by Mark Hopkins

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Bosnia. Rwanda. Kosovo. Sierra Leone. Pakistan. Just a few of the world’s humanitarian and political crises in the past years. Whether the result of war or nature, these disasters devastate populations and cripple health systems. Despite the immense dangers and difficulties of the work, one organization, Doctors Without Borders, has continuously intervened at these frontlines of overwhelming human need.

Set in war-torn Congo and Liberia, Living in Emergency interweaves the stories of four volunteers with Doctors Without Borders as they struggle to provide emergency medical care under the most extreme conditions.

Two volunteers are new recruits: a 26 year-old Australian doctor stranded in a remote bush clinic and an American surgeon struggling to cope under the load of emergency cases in a shattered capital city. Two others are experienced field hands: a dynamic Head of Mission, valiantly trying to keep morale high and tensions under control, and an exhausted veteran, who has seen too much horror and wants out.

Amidst the chaos, each volunteer must confront the severe challenges of the work, the tough choices, and test the limits of their own idealism.


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What the Critics are Saying

" Fascinating." - USA Today

"Inspiring against the heaviest of odds." - Wall Street Journal

"Critics' Pick. Riveting." - New York Magazine

"Expertly crafted." - Los Angeles Times

"Powerful." - Washington Post

"Unforgettable." - The Hollywood Reporter

"ER at its most vibrant is like Mary Poppins compared to this stuff."
- Roger Friedman’s Showbiz411.com

"M*A*S*H without the sugar coating." - Nashville Scene

Recommended Reading

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An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action for the Twenty-First Century by James Orbinski

Rebel Without Borders: Frontline Missions in Africa and the Gulf by Marc Vachon & FranCois Bugingo



Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Features and Specifications

Format: DVD
Release Year : 2009
Running Time: 93 minutes
Color: Color

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