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The Lost Village
A documentary by Roger Paradiso

90 minutes, color, 2018

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The Lost Village is a devastating expose of how Greenwich Village, the epicenter of the counterculture in the 1960s and '70s, is being turned into a wasteland of chain stores, banks and multi-million dollar condos.

This award-winning documentary follows filmmaker Roger Paradiso on a journey through today's Village as he tries to figure out how this 'gentrification on steroids' got started. Talking to journalists, activists, shop-owners, professors and more, he uncovers how the landlords, politicians and NYU turned the Village into a place that is losing its heart and soul.

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"Bravely turns the spotlight on an oligarchy of billionaire real estate moguls who rape and plunder the hallowed ground of this historic district. A must-see." - Bennett Kremen, WestView News

"A gripping portrait of the systemic legalized corporate crime spree devouring not only Greenwich Village but all our major urban landscapes. A potent call to arms." - Kurt Jacobsen, Filmmaker/Author

"Like a detective story in which the case becomes darker and darker as we witness the devastating effects of unchecked greed and capitalism on the city and its people." - Enrrico Wood Lagonigro, Senior Curator, Oaxaca FilmFest

"A no-holds-barred assault on NYU for its role in turning Greenwich Village into a wasteland of empty stores, CVS's, banks, and fast food emporiums while simultaneously making its student body pay for its excesses, driving female students to turn to prostitution." - Louis Proyect, Counterpunch

"The Lost Village chronicles the last days of urban Bohemia...bemoaning the increasing commercialization of the former artistic haven." - Summer Lin, CR Fashion Book

"As homegrown as its ethos, a scrappy scholastic David shaking a fist at an institutional Goliath." - Louise Adams, Edge Media Network

"Takes on a subject near and dear to many a New Yorker's heart: the gentrification and corporatization of the city, which is replacing affordable housing and mom-and-pop shops with luxury buildings and fancy boutiques." - This Week in New York

"No one will forget the image of a masked NYU student confessing in a Washington Square rally that she turned to prostitution to pay the exorbitant tuition fees. The Lost Village is Paradiso's eloquence." - George Capsis, Publisher, WestView News

"An essential glimpse into the dark heart and relentless machinations of corporate America and its allies (in banking, politics, even education) who are systematically destroying the culture of neighborhoods, Mom and Pop stores, small business, intimate arts, and the very nature not just of Greenwich Village but of towns and cities across the country. We need more Roger Paradiso's to take up the cudgels, tear off the veil and expose the evil." - Robin Hirsch, Minister of Culture/Wine Czar/Dean of Faculty

"One of the best things about living in this controversial age is witnessing the growing chorus of voices that have had enough. So much of the public, from millennials to seniors, are being energized by a variety of coordinated efforts - perhaps especially those of documentary filmmakers. And every so often one of those filmmakers manages to arouse not only righteous indignation, but does so as 'call to action'. Roger Paradiso, with his gripping film 'The Lost Village' has done just that. A must-see film!" - Rev. Ed Chinery, Resistance Cinema


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