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Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter
A film by Greg Vander Veer

80 minutes, documentary, color, 2014

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Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter reveals the little known story of Martha Hill, a visionary who fought against great odds to make contemporary and modern dance a legitimate art form in America. In a career spanning most of the 20th century, Hill became a behind the scenes leader in the dance world and the founding director of Juilliard's Dance Division. Stylistically weaving together over 90 years of archival footage, the film is a celebration of dance and an examination of the passion required to keep it alive.

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"Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter is both gorgeous and powerful, crackling with energy. You need not be a scholar of dance to be completely enthralled!" - The Village Voice

"Illuminating...distills the essence of a time when American dance, like never before, sought to comment on society rather than escape from it." - The New York Times

"Bound to enthrall dance aficionados with its copious amounts of wonderful archival footage. Serves as a marvelous primer on the rise of modern dance as an an important art form in America. Miss Hill herself would no doubt have been pleased." - The Hollywood Reporter

"An aesthetic treat, juxtaposing abundant archival footage of such luminaries as Martha Graham, JosÚ Lýmon and Antony Tudor with striking footage of contemporary dancers." - Film Journal International

"Gorgeous and evocative! The blending of archival footage and voice over is quite seamless and beautifully done." - Criterion Cast


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Disc Features

●  Archival Footage (NYU Dance Class, Sebago Lake, 1931 / Martha Hill Dance Class, Bennington, 1935 / JosÚ LÝmon Dancing at Mills College, 1938 / Martha Hill Lecture, Bennington, 1985)
●  Interviews (Paul Taylor on Juilliard / Janet Soares on Lincoln Kirstein & Martha Hill / Charles Reinhart on Dance as Revolt)

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