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Mr. Pig
A film by Diego Luna

92 minutes, fiction, color, English & Spanish w/ English subtitles, 2016

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This Sundance World Premiere follows an old-school pig farmer from California named Ambrose Eubanks (Danny Glover), who, on the brink of losing his family farm, sets off on a road trip with Howard, his beloved and very large pig.

As they make their way across the border to Mexico to find 'Howie' a new home, Ambrose's drinking and deteriorating health begin to take a toll, derailing their plans. His estranged daughter, Eunice (Maya Rudolph), is forced to join them on their adventure. Driven by strong convictions and stubbornness in his old ways, Ambrose attempts to make peace through his devotion to Howie and desire to mend his broken relationships.

Director Diego Luna tackles the old and new in an age of global markets, factory farming, and disposable relationships. Luna's poetic postcard road film, guided by a soundtrack evoking the South and old rock 'n' roll, is lyrically photographed following the gorgeously overgrown, winding roads of Mexico. Luna trusts his audience, letting the story unfold in a bold, un-expository way, allowing tour-de-force performances by Glover, Rudolph, and, of course, Howie the pig. [from Sundance Film Festival]

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"Charming... A fateful road trip from Southern California to the Jalisco region of west-central Mexico. Their seriocomic journey is colored by grace notes of direction and performance." - Variety

"Glover plays the part of Eubanks as if it's the story of his life." - Indiewire

"A bittersweet road movie...unshowy but providing an excellent vehicle for its often underutilized star." - The Hollywood Reporter

Disc Features

● Optional Spanish subtitles

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