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A documentary by Chris Valdés and Ted Griswold

70 minutes, color, 2018
In Spanish with English subtitles

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Olancho is the most lawless province of Honduras, the most murderous country on the planet. Here, the drug trade has taken its toll in human lives and economic damage. But to some musicians, the cartels provide an opportunity.

The new feature documentary 'Olancho' is the story of a group of musicians who perform for the powerful drug cartels there. Their songs glorify the traffickers who have destroyed their country, and who sometimes threaten the lives of their loved ones. But in a world where the cartels wield the most power, do the musicians have any other choice?

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"With gorgeous photography and seemingly impossibly intimate access to their subjects, the filmmakers capture real, poignant moments." - Molly Laich, Missoula Independent

"The filmmakers were granted remarkable access to the musicians and clearly care for them and their families." - Leah Pickett, Chicago Reader

"'Olancho' presents American audiences with a spin on the immigration story they've come to know. Rather than suggesting that people want to leave Honduras to achieve the American dream, the film reinforces the idea that many people are pushed out of their countries by forces bigger than them. The filmmakers are able find beauty in a country where decapitated corpses are an everyday finding." - José Solís, The Film Stage

LOLA Award: Philadelphia Latino Film Festival
Best Feature Award: Nevada City Film Festival
Special Jury Prize: New Orleans Film Festival
Best Cinematography Award: Tulsa American Film Festival


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