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The Suitors
A film by Ghasem Ebrahimian

106 minutes, fiction, color, English & Farsi w/ English subtitles, 1988

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A well-to-do Iranian, Haji, arrives in Manhattan from Teheran with his reluctant new bride. Overcome by nostalgia for the old country, his closest friends hold a traditional feast. But a bizarre series of events ends with Haji's death leaving behind a beautiful, bewildered widow... and four zealous suitors.

Playing with the tensions of strangers in a strange land, Ghasem Ebrahimian's intriguing first feature is a witty, dark comedy.

With Pouran, Ali Azizian, Shahab Navab, Assurbanipal Babila.

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"Part Hitchcock, part Lucille Ball!" - The New York Times

"Thoroughly unpredictable, remarkably accomplished, terrific panache...breathtaking!"
- Los Angeles Times

"A masterstroke of black comedy." - LA Weekly

"A riveting, deliciously macabre tale of cultural alienation. Pouran is mesmerizing."
- NY Daily News



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