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The Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich
A film by Jochen Bauer

80 minutes, documentary, color & b/w, English narration, 1979

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In August of 1944, the trial began of the men who conspired to assassinate the Führer (the subject of the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie). Under orders from Joseph Goebbels, cameras were hidden in the courtroom, and soon thereafter a propaganda film was released to the public. Unfortunately for the Nazis, the film only generated sympathy for the conspirators, who were sentenced to death by the visibly deranged judge. Realizing his miscalculation, Goebbels ordered the film destroyed. But one print has been found.

Featuring footage and sound documentation never seen before in this country, The Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich finally reveals the secret history of Germany’s home-grown resistance. Through authentic footage of the trial of the National Committee for a Free Germany (a German resistance group), the film details the various attempts to assassinate Hitler – from the bomb in Munich’s Bürgerbräukeller to Claus von Stauffenberg’s explosive attack on the Wolfsschanze.

Produced by two-time Academy Award nominee Bengt Von Zur Mühlen.


"An extremely worthy contribution to the history of the German opposition during the Third Reich; even more, a document of the conscience of the ‘Other Germany’."
- Die Welt (Germany)

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