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A film by Elise Swerhone

83 minutes, color, English, 2010

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9 girls. 4 weeks. 1 dream.

Through the eyes of nine young girls from around the world, TuTuMUCH is the behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to become a dancer. These girls have been given the chance of a lifetime, a four week long summer audition to get into a professional ballet school. Which girl will prove to be the dancer they are looking for? Who will have the passion, the drive and the endurance to make it? And will she and her family be ready to make the sacrifices? TuTuMUCH gives us all a rare look at nine remarkable girls and a summer that no one will ever forget.

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"A rare and tantalizing glimpse into auditioning for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. If you're a parent who has always wondered what goes on when you leave your daughter behind, here is your answer." - Ballet News

"It's astonishing to see the determination that a 10-year-old girl has when it comes to a possible profession in ballet. Inspiring!" - Edmonton Vue

"A real look at ballerinas trying to make it into the professional world. It's full of excitement and disappointment, tears and laughter, and hard decisions regarding years of sacrifice."
- See Magazine

"This is a fun and touching and entertaining movie to see and hear. And if you're not aware of some of the demands on serious students of ballet, you must see this film."
- Cinesource Magazine

"Aspiring dancers will enjoy this artfully produced look into the private world of ballet school and admire the girls' talents, discipline, and determination." - Booklist



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