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Venus Boyz
A film by Gabriel Baur

104 minutes, color, English, 2002

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Club Casanova, home of the legendary Drag King Night in New York, is the point of departure for an odyssey to the transgender world. It's a world where women become men - some for a night, others for a lifetime. The film stars renowned Drag Kings Mo B. Dick, DRED Gerestant, Storme Webber, Diane Torr, Del la Grace Volcano, and Bridge Markland, all women who dress, perform, and/or live as men, with appearances by legendary Drag Queens Mistress Formika and Queen Bee Luscious.

WINNER! Best Film: Semaine de la Critique at Locarno


"An utterly fascinating, beautifully crafted exploration of the world of drag kings." - Variety

"A provocative travelogue through [an] unexplored frontier, a mixed-up, shook-up borderland where nothing, especially not an individual's gender, should be taken for granted." - TV Guide

"Offers considerable illumination on the lives of those who live and thrive along sexuality's margins." - Newsday

"Earnestly examines masculinity as a performance, demonstrating that biology is not destiny." - Village Voice

"[Baur] has clearly earned the trust and respect of her subjects, the first qualification for any responsible documentarist, and they have repaid her with an intimate glimpse into their singular lives." - The New York Times



Read FRF's interview with director Gabriel Baur

Disc Features

●  Interview with Director Gabriel Baur
●  Documentary Short "Venus Boys Around the World"
●  Photo Gallery

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