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Albert Einstein: Still a Revolutionary
A documentary by Julia Newman

80 minutes, color, 2020

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Albert Einstein, the most famous scientist of all time, was a world renowned celebrity, greeted like a rock star when he appeared in public. An anti-war firebrand, Einstein also spoke out on issues ranging from women's rights and racism to immigration and nuclear arms control. But today, his image has been neutered into that of a charmingly absent-minded genius. He was, in fact, a powerful force for social change and a model for political activism.

Using a wealth of rarely-seen archival footage, correspondence, and new and illuminating interviews, filmmaker Julia Newman makes the case that Albert Einstein's example of social and political activism is as important today as are his brilliant, ground-breaking theories.

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"A vivid portrait of the politicization and activism of the individual whose name is still synonymous with genius. As so adroitly described here, Albert Einstein was 'the first intellectual pop star." - Stephen M. Silverman, author of David Lean

"Reveals the fascinating and little-known history of Einstein's work for social change, reminding us of the inextricable link between speaking the truth and healing the world. At a time when science itself is under attack, its stories of the famous physicist's life-long commitment to peace and social justice offer urgent lessons for today."- Peter Miller, Filmmaker of Sacco and Vanzetti & Jews and Baseball

"Director Julia Newman has created an enlightening profile of the man Time Magazine named its Person of the Century. 'Still A Revolutionary - Albert Einstein' is so timely right now - itís scary."- CinemaRetro

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