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Bedrooms & Hallways
A film by Rose Troche

96 minutes, fiction, color, English, 1999

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Leo and Darren are two gay roommates living in London, each single and pursuing romantic happiness. While Darren strikes up a relationship with real estate agent and sex-fiend Jeremy, Leo joins a New Age men's therapy group and promptly develops a crush on fellow member Brendan - who is recently separated from his longtime girlfriend Sally!

Director Rose Troche (Go Fish, The L Word) and a cast of actors including Kevin McKidd (Trainspotting, Grey's Anatomy), Simon Callow (Amadeus, Shakespeare In Love), Tony Award winner Jennifer Ehle (The King's Speech, Pride and Prejudice), and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings) have created a refreshing and thoroughly charming film that examines the trials and tribulations of lust and love.


"Fresh, effervescent sex comedy...Friends meets early Almodovar!" -New York Post

"The playful sophistication of a Noel Coward romp, with a lot more sex!" -The New York Times

Disc Features

●  Bonus Interview with Director Rose Troche

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