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Parting Glances
A film by Bill Sherwood

90 minutes, color, English, 1986

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Heroic, funny and romantic, Parting Glances is a triumph for everyone who has ever been in love-straight or gay. The story revolves around two men, Michael and Robert, who have been lovers for years. Robert is being transferred out of the country for two years, leaving Michael behind. Their best friend Nick, who is also Michael's former lover, is dying of AIDS. So begins a surprisingly funny, wonderfully acted love story set in the gay scene of Manhattan.

Parting Glances, a pioneering film of gay cinema, is about the loyalties of friendship and the vicissitudes of romantic love. It's about the relationship between gays and straights. And it's about how we all try to do our jobs, be there for our friends and keep a love affair going-all at the same time.


"The best movie ever made about gays in the United States... you can't help wondering why most films can't move this well or look this good." -Seattle Times

"Pretty much perfect... Writer-director Bill Sherwood has an obvious affection for his two heroes, and his lightly satirical vision of the various gay types who share their New York environment gives this wit and a pleasant density." -Chicago Reader

"Sherwood brings a notable grace and droll humour to his story of two male lovers parting against the backdrop of a friend dying of the Big A. It has a tenderness, warmth, humour and, despite that looming Big A, lightness of heart that will win it many friends."
-Time Out New York

"Mr. Buscemi makes a memorable impression. It is to both his and the film's credit that the anguish of AIDS is presented as part of a larger social fabric, understood in context, and never in a maudlin light." -The New York Times

"One of the first and most significant works about the AIDS crisis that goes beyond the issue of coming out, placing its romantic triangle in the broader context of a vibrant gay community." -EmanuelLevy.com

Disc Features

●  Original Production Notes
●  Cast Photos

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