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Adventures of Juan Quin Quin, The

Juan Quin Quin, a poor but shrewd farmer, lives on his wits in pre-revolutionary Cuba - as a circus performer, a bull-fighter, a coffee planter, even playing the part of Christ with a traveling theatre company. Then he joins the Revolution...

Alice in Wondertown

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice in Wondertown is both an absurdist comedy and an allegory with a dark political undercurrent. One of the most controversial films in the history of Cuba, it was banned by authorities after its release.


This classic from the director of Lucía is set in 1914 Havana. Privileged but unhappily married, Amada falls in love with her cousin Marcial, a young man with revolutionary designs. Will she follow her passion and escape her unfaithful husband?


In 19th century Cuba, African slaves known as “cimarrons” overpower their Spanish masters and hide in settlements in the eastern mountains. But discord among the cimarrons is sown by traitors working secretly for the Spanish.

Successful Man, A

Cuba’s history before the Revolution is chronicled through the story of two brothers, one a revolutionary man of action, the other an unscrupulous politician trying to steer a treacherous middle path between opposing political ideas.

We Are the Music!

This extraordinary film treats us to a rare panorama of Cuban music and dance from the 1960s. Featuring legendary Cuban musicians as well as vibrant performances, We Are the Music! captures the mood and vitality of Cuba during its golden period.