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Me Without You
A film by Sandra Goldbacher

100 minutes, fiction, color, 2002

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Michelle Williams and Anna Friel star as best friends growing up in the London suburbs in the 1970s. Spanning three decades, the film begins when Marina (Friel) and Holly (Williams) form an unlikely bond as teenagers: free-spirited and wild, Marina is vastly different in temperament from the serious, bookish Holly. Their disparate personalities complement each other, allowing the girls to build a defense against the boring suburbs while leading them to define themselves in relation to each other. Over the ensuing decades, Marina and Holly's friendship endures hard drugs, random sex, manipulation, betrayal, and lots of other saucy stuff, including Kyle MacLachlan as a very influential professor.

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"A bracing truth that’s refreshing. Michelle Williams is the surprise." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Psychologically savvy." - The New York Times

"Entertaining and sexy fun." - The Oregonian

"Love. Lust. Recrimination. Jealousy. Resolution. Me Without You has them all." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Offers much to enjoy... and a lot to mull over in terms of love, loyalty and the nature of staying friends." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Gives us a sense of a real friendship, embracing the emotional messiness of growing up." - Los Angeles Times

"Director Sandra Goldbacher is most adept at visual storytelling, capturing intimate moments with breathtaking acuity." - San Francisco Chronicle

"This film's intelligence and forthrightness about the things women sometimes do to one another set it head and shoulders above most contemporary movies that deal with friendships between women." - Salon

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